Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Morris...

Kaylee needed reminders to use her inside voice. She tends to squeal frequently. Kaylee is doing well with toileting at school. :) She participated in show and tell. Kaylee circled the H's in Hannah. At the table Kaylee was helped to locate all the H's. She realized she had someone else's box, and kept looking to make sure she had the right one! Kaylee enjoyed working with he pom poms. She was eager to play with something else, but time ran out.


So, she squeals a little bit. Excitement overcomes her.

We'll just add that to the list of things work know the one with SHARING on it.

By the way, returned from Louisville last night. When I walked in the door Kaylee was holding the basket of Halloween candy that she will be giving away on Trick or Treat night. I said hello to her. She held the basket tight and said "mine".

I asked her if she missed me. Her reply, oh you guessed it, "no".

Apparently, she views me as the candy taker awayer who is not missed. I love this kid! So honest.

This also made me realize that Halloween may not be very fun for her this year. I thought she would really enjoy giving the candy to the kids. Then I am reminded, she doesn't share! DUH

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