Monday, October 13, 2008

Black Pine Animal Park

Saturday morning Cory asked Kaylee what she would like to do for the day. Her answer was, "go to the zoo!" So, instead of packing up and heading to South Bend or Fort Wayne, we went to Albion. We checked out the animals at the Black Pine Animal Park. The cost was similar to that of other zoos, $20 for the three of us for admission.

Sidebar: Cory gets the awesome dad/husband award for letting me sleep until 11:00 on Saturday morning. It was the BEST!

We had a really nice time. It wasn't crowded and they didn't try to sell you something every time you turned around. A great place to look at rescued animals.

Kaylee looking good in her shades. I think she looks like she just walked off an episode of The Hills. Move over LC.

Daddy and Kaylee getting dangerously close to the tortoise.

Cory enjoyed pestering the ostrich. He nearly got a bite on the hand.

Kaylee really thought she should pull the wagon instead of ride. Cory and I both volunteered to ride.

OK, this is just a baboon butt. My immature sense of humor thought it was funny!


ME! said...

Well, if you use some imagination, it could be a cute halloween mask .... okay, that was random, but it goes with your 'mood'!!! LOL

Debbies Doodle said...

ewweee monkey butt... i think it is funny too...