Monday, November 24, 2008

The Quilting Project Continues

I have caught the quilting bug. I even took a day off work so that I could work on making my quilt blocks. I'm pretty sure everyone thinks I'm crazy at this point. (Well, even more crazy than before.)

Here is a sampling of the blocks I sewed on Friday. FUN FUN

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The McLallin Girls Party

Saturday afternoon was awesome. All the McLallin girls (yes Mary, you are a McLallin girl) got together for a little luncheon. It was so much fun!

Here is the downer...I am the lackey blogger. All the cool things to be said about the gathering have already been blogged about in Leah's and Aunt Carol's blogs.

Look out girls, in an effort to not be the last to report on juicy family news I will probably be posting to my blog in real time when we get together for Christmas on January 3. Do you suppose Grandma Genny has WiFi?!?!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Princess Dress - Day Five

Kaylee is inseparable from the princess dress. She has worn it everyday since last Thursday.

While she is cute as a button in the little number, it is also getting a bit gross. She now has a yogurt spot on the front and a chocolate stain on the sleeve. I asked her if she wanted it washed, she of course said no.

I'm going to attempt a covert laundry maneuver tonight in the hopes of getting the dress washed without being detected. Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Surviving Halloween

So, the plan was to have a low-key Halloween this year. Pass out treats. Period.

You know we just can't keep it simple. That would be so unlike us.

When I arrived at daycare on Thursday morning I was informed of the upcoming Harvest Party to take place on Friday. Oh, and the kids are dressing up. Of course, I have no costume for Kaylee.

Thursday night I was off to Pimada to see what treasures still remained the day before Halloween. I was pleasantly surprised to find a princess dress in Kaylee's size. Wow! The best part, 60% off. Scored a cute little Cinderella number for $9.99. I'm feeling pretty good about my purchase. Bring the dress home. Kaylee wants to wear it right now. She is so excited. I'm totally feeling like I am getting the Mommy of the Year Award this year.

I was wrong. I was going to hold out and make Kaylee wait until Halloween to wear the dress, but her and her dad wore me down. OK, OK. You can wear the dress after your bath. She took a bath in record time. That was awesome.

After the bath we put the dress on as promised. I'm feeling good. Everybody seems happy...until Kaylee realizes that I did not buy any matching princess shoes. It was a bit of a tragedy. We convinced her that her church shoes would probably suffice.

Needless to say, I spent my lunch break at Wal-Mart on Friday looking for the shoes. Everything was pretty much picked over, but I did manage to find a pair that kinda match and are a little too big. Neither of which matter to Kaylee. She loves them.

Here is a cute picture of Kaylee getting ready to hand out candy for Trick or Treat. She looks so cute.

She did a little sampling prior to Trick or Treat hours. I think she chose a sucker for this particular sample.

The aforementioned shoes. Don't they look gorgeous!

All in all it was a great night for Trick or Treat. The weather was beautiful and Kaylee helped me pass out treats for about an hour. She was getting cold and bored, so I let her watch Casper while I finished.

She wouldn't take the dress off for bed, so she slept in it. We have been through all kinds of weird phases about sleeping in weird things. Not sure why I thought this would be any different. I did manage to get her to change clothes this morning, but only with the promise she could carry the costume in a bag.

Kaylee was happy as a lark carrying her costume bag into the grocery store this afternoon. Whatever. She behaved. I'm happy.