Friday, September 26, 2008

Preschool Open House

Last night was the open house at Kaylee's preschool. Of course, Kaylee fell asleep in the car earlier in the evening. She was in no shape to attend a function where she would actually have to behave. So you might be wondering, what did I do with her? Shipped her to Grandma Kay of course.

The open house was interesting. I was able to see Kaylee's desk, her cubby, and some of her artwork. I spoke with her teacher, Miss Chris. I had a feeling the conversation was about to go somewhere bad when she asked me if Kaylee is an only child. It seems as though Kaylee is having a little issue with sharing. Hey, I was shocked too! ;)

Anyway, I scheduled our parent-teacher conference for October 9. I'm sure more facts will be revealed about school during that visit. I can't wait!

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