Friday, September 12, 2008

A Little Sewing Project

Most of you know - I DO NOT sew. Last week I dove into a little project for Kaylee. Grandma Kay helped me make a pouch for Kaylee's walker. Let me just say that I have the most patient mother in the entire world. I insisted on doing everything myself (with the exception of threading the sewing machine - I'm not totally crazy!) and she obliged.

Here were are cutting the Dora fabric for the pouch.

Me using a sewing machine. By the way, it was the first time in fifteen years. Yes, I still stink at it.

Handsewing should not be done by left-handed people. I look totally awkward holding the needle and thread.

And finally, the finished product. It looks so cute. I heard a report back from the pre-school that the pouch is working out nicely for Kaylee to transport her school supplies from her cubby to her desk.

Grandma Kay also made one for Kaylee out of Tinkerbell fabric. I didn't post a picture of hers because it looks better than mine. :)


Carol said...

I think you might be able to enter this project at the county fair next summer. You won't be able to get a 4-H ribbon but you can pretend! Anyway, it looks pretty cool. Kaylee will be very stylish getting around at school.

kari said...

I can testify to your mom's patience. My mom and I are both still here today beause I did my sewing projects with your mom! Just ask Aunt Peggy; she got to witness several of my last minute 4-H moments. :)