Thursday, September 25, 2008

Conversations with Kaylee

I really enjoy watching Kaylee grow and mature. We are now starting to have interesting conversations. Often times while we are doing a project, I'll ask her questions about what we are doing. For example, what color is the sign Kaylee? Can you count the number of princesses on your new lunchbox? I will then praise her for correct answers. Here is a cute conversation from last night:

A little background information first on what we were doing. I am sitting on the loveseat reading a book. Kaylee is sitting in a chair coloring with four markers.

Kaylee: Mommy!

Me: What Kaylee?

Kaylee: What color is this? (holds up yellow marker)

Me: Yellow

Kaylee: Good Job! What color is this marker? (holds up pink marker)

Me: Pink

Kaylee: Good Job! What color is this marker? (holds up blue marker)

Me: Green (I know, that's just mean, but I couldn't help myself.)

Kaylee: No, what color is it?

Me: Mmmm, Blue

Kaylee: Yes! Good Job! What color is this marker? (holds up green marker)

Me: Green

Kaylee: Good Job Mommy!

Me: Thank you

Kaylee: Very, very good job!

Me: Thank you

Kaylee: Very welcome

This little conversation made me think of the children's song we used to sing in Junior Church when I was a child...O be careful little ears what you hear...

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