Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

Kaylee discovered “I Love Lucy” over the weekend on the Hallmark Channel.  Definitely an oldie but a goodie!

Grandma Kay will be so proud…and probably Aunt Karen too!


Carol said...

Oh, Kaylee, we ALL love Lucy. We'll know you've watched too much of it when you can recite the entire "vitameatavegamin" commercial!

Kay said...

That is Grandma Kay's favorite show. Enjoy!! Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular? You'll get it later.

rkstahly said...

...so when you're tired and run down just have a great big spoon of .....this stuff! Oh, what great memories. Kaylee you are now truly a member of this family. If you miss an episode, call me. I have them all!