Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Update

So, the summer has blazed past us and I haven't posted in a couple months. Here is the status of the fam:

Left the field of law enforcement to work at West Noble Middle School as a program assistant - functional skills. We are loving having Daddy home each night and every weekend.

She is going to Ligonier Elementary now so that she and Daddy are in the same school system. Kaylee is really doing great and adjusting very well. Her first day of school was big fun. I heard lots of stories - none of them about actual learning.

Not too much has changed for me. Still love quilting and reading when I have free time (which is basically non-existent). Having lots of fun with Kaylee and Cory. Planning our vacation to Disney this October. We are all really excited.

I'll try to post some cute Kaylee pics soon. I know they won't be hard to find. :)


Debbies Doodle said...

Thanks for the up date.. glad to hear that the change is going well.. have fun at Disney ..

Anonymous said...'re back!!!! Missed you, can't wait for pictures. I'm so glad the new school year is going good.
-aunt karen

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wore out my computer checking on you guys. Life sounds good for all. Love Mary