Sunday, January 3, 2010

Very Stylish


After we returned home from vacation, I unpacked our suitcases and Kaylee unloaded my jewelry box.  As you can see, she is sporting a snowman pin, koala bear necklace and earrings. 

As always, what a cutie!

So McLallin girls, any guesses where the earrings came from?  Look closely, you’ve seen them before.


Carol said...

Kaylee, you look beautiful. I'm guessing the earrings belonged to your great-great grandma, right? Is there a prize if I was the first to guess correctly?

Leah said...

Oh, why do I feel like walking up to Hardee's and then playing a game of Aggravation? And then maybe doing a little crocheting while watching soaps. She was a GREAT Great Grandma, wasn't she?

Kari said...

The best!

Just don't take a drink when it's your time.

Anonymous said...

Kaylee, Your great-great grandma would think you are beautiful, and so do I. Don't you miss that good ole gal? Grandma Kay