Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Audiology Follow-Up

Kaylee had a follow-up appointment with her audiologist today in Fort Wayne.  Her new ear mold arrived, and it is a beauty.


Pink and purple swirled plastic – what’s not to love!

The audiologist also conducted a hearing test while we were there.  Kaylee did a really great job!  She actually let them put the headphones on her so that they could get an accurate reading of her hearing.

As expected, hearing loss in her right ear is severe and loss in the left ear is mild.  So, Kaylee will be wearing a hearing aid in the left ear and nothing in the right ear. 

The right ear may not even have a nerve running from the ear to the brain, so a hearing aid wouldn’t actually help.  It would just be in the way.

This is probably the best hearing test Kaylee has done to date.  Never before has she allowed them to get a localized test of her ears. 

We go back in three weeks so they can check to make sure the hearing aid is set at the proper level for Kaylee.

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