Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Kaylee has been having a very good Christmas this year.  Lots of fun, family and gifts.


She really wanted her picture taken after each gift.  Most of the time they turned out like the one above.  Her face seemed to always get covered by the gift.  Here are her iCarly underpants.  She loves them.  Who wouldn’t?


Cory had a lap full of dogs while we opened presents.  Shadow and Joe were loving the attention.


Here she is at our Christmas with the Morris family.  You’ll notice the VERY glittery shirt.  This was a gift from Shannon.  When Kaylee opened it she said, “ohhhhh, glitter is good!” 

It leaves glitter everywhere she goes.  Thanks Shannon!  :)

On Christmas Eve we had Christmas with the Edsall’s.  Kaylee wore her new Christmas dress and was the center of attention…just the way she likes it!



We ate great food, enjoyed our family, and opened presents.

On Christmas Day we to Argos for Christmas with Daddy.  He had to work, so we brought Christmas to him.  Santa even delivered Kaylee’s presents to Argos. 


Here are Kaylee and Daddy checking out her new computer.  Lovingly referred to as Pink Puter at our house.  Kaylee has already drained the battery twice.  It is getting lots of attention the last two days.

After spending Christmas morning with Daddy in Argos, we went to Aunt Peggy’s house for the McLallin Christmas.  It was fun spending time with everyone and Kaylee had tons of fun playing the Wii.


Leah mailed Kaylee the above Christmas present.  Her very own playhouse that fits over a card table.  Kaylee is really enjoying it.  I’m pretty sure she thinks it is a dog house because she barks while she plays in it!

One more Christmas to go with Grandpa Steve, Grandma Kay and Uncle Mike on Sunday afternoon.

What a reminder of how truly blessed we are.  So much family who loves us.  Praise the Lord!

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