Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Did Kaylee Get in Trouble at School?

Kaylee was very sad when she got off the school bus on Monday afternoon. Cory asked her why she was feeling down. She told him that she got in trouble at school and had to stand in the corner. He asked her why. She said she was singing when she was supposed to be quiet. They had a talk about how it was important to listen to the teacher and do what she says. They ate donuts. Everyone was happy when Mommy arrived.

I was very intrigued by her story. Kaylee is a very good student and has never had any behavior problems at school. I was a little bit surprised. So, I asked Grandma Jerri to do some checking when she dropped Kaylee off at preschool the following day. I thought maybe this would give us the real scoop.

Turns out Kaylee did not get in trouble by the teacher. She did play 'school' with the other children during their free playing time. (Seriously, not very creative to play school while at school - whatever!) Anyhow, the teacher thinks that maybe one of the students proclaimed himself/herself the 'teacher' and told Kaylee she had to stand in the corner for singing.

I guess Kaylee's not a troublemaker afterall.

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Debbies Doodle said...

Kids can be so mean... Donuts make every thing better..