Thursday, February 19, 2009

Birthday Party!

Kaylee had a birthday party on Sunday in celebration of her 5th birthday. Of course, it was a princess party. I took on the task of baking her a Barbie cake. It didn't turn out too bad. It only took two trips to the grocery store and breaking Barbie's legs off.

After the cake was made, I asked Kaylee what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday. Yes, I know, this is something I should have never asked. It could have blown up in my face. Lucky for me she said she wanted a pink cake.

Here she is in all her glory with five candles blazing.
Kaylee was very excited about each present she opened. She wanted to hold everything up and get her picture taken.

Some of the pictures turned out better than others. I just love how she managed to cover almost her entire face.

Here she is all made up with the make-up kit from Shannon. By the way Shannon, have I thanked you yet? Wow! She is loving the glam look.


Debbies Doodle said...

Oh lala lala,, Kaylee you look so pretty..!!! Happy Birthday,

Growing Up Texan said...

I'm LOVING the cake - not sure what I like more... how cute it is or the fact I know she has no legs (I've always hated Barbie :))

Good job, super mom!