Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kaylee, Morgan & Paul Anecdotes

Thank you to Carol for sharing this excerpt from the newspaper with me. Once again, my daughter tells on me:

On Mother’s Day Carol enthusiastically said, “YES” as she led her small group of preschoolers through a list of tasks their Mothers do for them — drive, cook, read, wash, love, hug, kiss. The second time through Carol hesitated at the end of each and expected them to mimic her enthusiastic “YES!” which they did with one exception. Kaylee answered “YES” to “Does your mom drive the car? Does your mom hug you? Does your mom read you a book?” When Carol asked, “Does your mom cook?” Kaylee gave a resounding, “NO! Drive car!” “Does your mom sweep?” “NO! Drive car!” Her mom said, “At least she is honest.” — Carol of Albion

Here are two more stories from Carol. Each time Carol would say, “Mother,” Paul would say, “Mom”. Carol thought that was a good preschool observation. When Carol mentioned that mothers “LOVE” us, Paul began repeatedly saying, “Grandma.” Finally it dawned on Carol and she asked, “Grandma loves you?” He beamed ear-to-ear and shook his head yes.

During the communion service, Carol taught the preschoolers. Afterwards, preschooler Morgan was Carol’s helper to clean and put away the communion utensils. Morgan doesn’t willing miss a meal. As they worked it suddenly dawned on her, and she asked in a pained and concerned tone, “Did they eat lunch?”

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