Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

Kaylee went to her new audiologist in Fort Wayne yesterday afternoon. After a slight meltdown (yes, there were tears), she left with her hearing aids adjusted. She is now to start wearing both hearing aids v. left hearing aid only as previously instructed.

The audiologist thinks that Kaylee is hearing out of her right ear, so she wants to make sure it is getting amplified. We are to return in three weeks to have another hearing test with the hearing aids. (Prior hearing test was without hearing aids.) We'll make a comparison and see how Kaylee is progressing at that point.

Again, thank you so much for praying. We have come a long way. Three years ago she was undergoing testing for a cochlear implant, which we were blessed to not have to undergo. Today she is diagnosed with only mild hearing loss in one ear and profound hearing loss in the other. It is such a blessing to witness the power of prayer.

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elizabeth said...

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