Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Birthday Fit for a Princess

Last Sunday we had a little celebration in honor of Kaylee’s sixth birthday.


I had no idea Wal-Mart could make such a cute cake.  They did a great job making a little castle for our little princess.


Kaylee’s first gift of the day was a Wii.  She has played it everyday since her party.  She absolutely loves the Disney Princess game.  She also likes to challenge her daddy to games of tennis and bowling.


After the gifts, it was on to the lighting and subsequent blowing out of the birthday candles.  She did a great job and had a fantastic party.


Kaylee says a great big thanks to everyone for all the gifts.  She is having so much fun playing with her new toys and wearing her new clothes.

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ME! said...

I want a cake like that for my birthday!!! I can't believe you actually had it in your house's so PINK!!! LOL