Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Field Trips Are Fun

Kaylee went to an apple orchard for her kindergarten field trip yesterday. Her daddy was kind enough to offer to be a chaperon.

I don't really know what is going on this picture, but Kaylee really seems to be into it.

Here is Kaylee picking her very own apple. I made fried apples for dessert last night to sample her hand-picked apple. Very yummy!

Kaylee's favorite part of the day was the hayride.

Here is Kaylee's class. What a good looking bunch of kids!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Karen thinks she looks like she had a great time. I can't figure out that first photo either. No one else is doing anything like that! Glad she went early in the week, great weather.

Anonymous said...

What part don't you understand about the first picture? It is obvious she is saying, "Yippee, my momma is going to make fried apples tonight!!!!" Love, Mary

Anonymous said...

They were practicing saying "I did it" with their arms in the air after they pick an apple properly by twisting it off the tree. Cory