Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Campout

The campout for Labor Day weekend is officially underway at Carson Hollow. Leah is here visiting from Chicago, so we thought we'd stop by the campout to say hello. Kaylee had fun playing with her cousins, Samuel and Joel. Samuel especially loved throwing hay on Kaylee's head. Here is Kaylee hanging out with Grandpa Lewie
And Samuel was having a little fun the Kaylee's walker. For some reason kids love it!
I just love that smile. I can't believe how long his hair is right now. What a cutie! Leah said that Samuel told her that he is nervous about her cutting his hair. Too funny.


Anonymous said...

What a great camp out..why?...because you were there. Love, Mary

Leah said...

Yeah, so, sorry about the hay on the head thing! :)

AND, I finally bribed Samuel with enough Twizzlers for a haircut. I buzzed him with the #2 guard on the clippers - MUCH better than the mop top he was sporting at the campout.

It was so great to see you - thanks so much for coming to visit!!