Monday, June 22, 2009

A Week To Remember

This past week I traveled to Florida while Kaylee and Daddy had a vacation at home. Sadly, there were no pictures of their excursions. They did do some fun stuff including:

Syracuse Elementary Playground
Black Pine Animal Park
Potowatomi Zoo
Mermaid Festival Rides
Water Park

From what I've heard, they had a very good time. Thank you so much to Cory for making such a great week with Kaylee. It was nice to have a break to relax. What a great husband and daddy!

My week was fun also. I stayed in a cond0 with my aunts and cousins (on the McLallin side). Two floors below us were the party girls from Wolf Lake (including my Grandma Genny). I would share the details of vacation, but I don't want to break the code of the road. 'What happens in Daytona, stays in Daytona.'

I can say we had a great time and nobody was arrested. Here is a group picture of the crew at the pool.

...and another very unflattering picture of myself. Awesome hat, huh?


Carol said...

It was a great time, even though I only got to stay for two nights. When can we do this again?

Anonymous said...

I miss you! Thanks Corey, what a great guy for making it possible for Angie to join us. Thanks Kaylee for being such a good girl. Love Mary