Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Day

Tuesday was a snow day. Kaylee and Daddy stayed home for a fun day of games and movies. Mommy braved the elements and went to work - since I'm such a dedicated employee. OK, maybe more like - since I like to get a paycheck.

Kaylee really, really wants to go back to the waterpark in Shipshewana. She bugged Cory all day about going. When I arrived home she was sitting on the living room floor holding her bathing suit. She wanted to put it on, so I helped her out.

Here is the look of snow day attire. Quite fashionable if you ask me. Dora bathing suit on top of princess pajamas. Love it!

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Anonymous said...

If you have a snow day, why not enjoy it in your J's and swimsuit, Hey, today is a snow day for me, I am still in my J's but never once thought of the suit thingie????"Aunt" Mary Hostetler